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Terra Natura Murcia

This wonderful little paradise is located in the city of Murcia: Terra Natura Murcia. The park is located against a mountain at the foot of the city of Murcia. The park is very friendly. There is plenty to see and do.

During the tour, visitors can enjoy real and amazing African animals such as the impressive lions, amusing meerkats, white rhino and giraffes. There are also animals from the Iberian Peninsula such as wolves, bears or otters.

Enjoy the spectacular Birds of Prey Show and also enjoy and learn in our fantastic Educational Sea Lion Show.

Terra Natura Murcia, a paradise in your city.

Water park

Terra Natura Murcia heeft het enige waterpark in de regio Murcia: AQUANATURA. In het waterpark zijn er verschillende gebieden voor jongeren en volwassenen om te genieten.

Terra Natura Murcia has the only water park in the Murcia region: AQUANATURA. In the water park there are different areas for young people and adults to enjoy.

In Aqua Natura there are two snack bars and also the Kiwengwa Self Service with full menus.

Visitors can rent sun beds. There are also lockers for leaving personal belongings.

All water areas are always kept under control by lifeguards and there is a medical service during the opening of the water park.

Come and enjoy the great and refreshing adventure in Murcia, the city of the sun and just a few minutes from the city center.