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De Costa Calida, de princie Murcia biedt talloze leuke dingen om te doen, zoals wildlife zoo Terra Natura, Aqua Natura, rondleiding in de 43 fabriek, wandel door de gezellige straatjes van de oude binnenstad van Murcia….
“Shop ‘till you drop” in één van vele winkelcentra of boulevards in Cartagena, Murcia of Lorca. Voel de Mediterraanse zeebries tijdens het zeilen of wandelen over de talloze brede stranden.

Sporten, duiken, hiken, fietsen, golfen … aan de Costa Calida kan het allemaal!

Wij organiseren GRATIS inspectie reizen !

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Zowel aan de kust, als het binnenland van de Costa Calida bieden een ruime keuze aan restaurants die symbool staan voor de Spaanse gastronomie in deze regio.
Het mediterrane dieet (vis, groenten, fruit, granen en olijfolie) is dan ook kermerkend voor de Costa Calida.

Wij nemen echt de tijd om nog rustig en goed te eten. En wat nog veel belangrijker is het mag ook. Een salada del Casa smaakt nou eenmaal beter onder een strak blauwe hemel.


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10 reasons why Spain is great

Ok, Spain is certainly not perfect as a country but on the other hand which country is that ???? Yet living in Spain has many advantages and this experience can be very positive if you are only open to adapt. Even if you are not completely adjusted, life in Spain can be good and a new life in the land of the sun can be seen as a permanent holiday, especially if you are at retirement age and have made the transition from the Netherlands or Belgium to Spain and you don’t have to worry financially.

Spain has a lot to offer people as a country: the weather, nature, culture, gastronomy, the relaxed life, beaches, nice people, etc. Therefore, a brief overview of 10 reasons why living in Spain is simply amazing. If you have any tips, ideas, we have forgotten something or comments, let us know in a comment on this article below. It is always nice to hear something from the readers.

1- Climate (Costa Cálida the best in winters)
Undoubtedly, many Dutch and Belgians have moved to Spain because they have had enough of the gray, cold and rainy days and prefer to live in a country and region where on average one has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. In many places along for example the Mediterranean Sea and the winters are mild with pleasant temperatures, one can speak of a wonderful spring and quiet autumn but it can get quite warm in the summer. It is therefore great for many emigrants to have so many beautiful, sunny and warm days where when it rains one can still speak of Spanish rain that can be just a little more pleasant than the Northern European rain (also because these showers are often short but powerful).

2- Culture and nature
With 44 monuments and nature reserves, Spain is number 3 on the UNESCO list and that is great when you start living there. So there is always something to see when you get in the car and, just like the Spaniards themselves, go on holiday in their own country. From the Moorish culture in Murcia city or the historic buildings in Cartagena and then not to mention the overwhelming nature of the Sierra Espuña. Spain is one of those countries where you can see something different every vacation and where you almost never get bored.

3- Gastronomy
Spain is the land of Mediterranean cuisine and is known for its healthy Mediterranean diet (dieta mediterranea) which consists of only fresh products that are healthy for you and form a perfect balance. Whether you like tapas, pintxos, paella, marisco (fish), carne (meat) or verduras (vegetables) … there is something for everyone. Add to this the many good restaurants (including several with Michelin stars) and the fact that people take a long time to eat or dine extensively, and gastronomy is a party. Sitting on a terrace by the water for a long time enjoying a menu del día (daily menu) while the daily life passes you by is one of those things that you can easily do in Spain.

4- People
Spaniards are generally (but depending on where you live) very friendly and helpful. That will therefore not apply everywhere, but in general it is the rule and idea of many Dutch and Belgians who have emigrated. If you do not speak Spanish, people are usually not too bad to help you, but if you do speak Spanish (or just a little), a whole new world will open for you.

5- Mañana
Spain is the land of the famous “mañana” which literally means ‘tomorrow’ but is also used for ‘later’. It is not actually a Spanish word but a way of life that many foreigners sometimes have difficulty with. Often (but not always) everything is taken with a pinch of salt and people say one thing while showing something else. However, it is also this relaxed attitude that causes many Dutch and Belgians to live in Spain, away from the hectic pace, haste and bustle. However, the ‘mañana’ feeling can be tricky if you want to get something done in which your patience is regularly tested.

6- Social
Living in Spain is a social happening where it is very common to put everything aside to socialize (incidentally a word that does not exist in Spanish) with your friends, colleagues or family. That can be something to drink, eat tapas, sit on a terrace, go to the beach, play sports, etc. Social life in Spain is much better in the eyes of many foreigners than in their own country. People still take the time for each other and they also want to help each other if necessary. Family ties are also much stronger and it often happens that entire families come together in a weekend and people see each other regularly.

7- Siesta
It sounds a lot strange to many Dutch and Belgians who live in their own country, but lunchtime for an hour or so to close your eyes during the siesta is really nice and also healthy. In today’s busy society of rushing, doing everything quickly and busy, taking a moment to rest is very welcome. Unfortunately, the daily schedule in the Netherlands and Belgium is not set for that, but in Spain they are. Although it is becoming less common and many people no longer have it in Spain, but if you can, you should definitely do it … just close your eyes for 45 to 60 minutes, switch off the telephone and television and sleep or rest. A siesta does wonders ????

8- The language
For many Dutch and Belgians, speaking Spanish is great. It is not only a beautiful language to speak but also pleasant to listen to. Many foreigners are fully prepared when they move to Spain and speak and read Spanish fairly well, but others choose to learn the language in the country as they go. Speaking Spanish is definitely recommended if you move to Spain. It will not only ensure that you will live more pleasantly among the Spaniards, a world will also open for you if you understand everything and everyone better.

9- Affordable
Living in Spain does not have to cost a lot of money. Obviously the largest cost item is buying (or renting) a home, but outside of that the costs are not that bad. Of course there are plenty of things that might be cheaper in the Netherlands and Belgium or priced the same but then better, but Spain is not an expensive country. You can notice that in the supermarkets where many items are better priced than in the Netherlands or Belgium. This is noticeable at the gas station where filling your gasoline / diesel tank will be much cheaper. This is already noticeable when paying the road tax (compared to the Netherlands and Belgium that is a joke). You can notice it in the restaurants and bars where coffee, soft drinks, beer and especially wine are many times cheaper than in the Netherlands and Belgium. But keep in mind that Spaniards generally earn much less than in the Netherlands and Belgium, which means that life can be pleasant and cheap for a foreigner in Spain but very expensive for a Spaniard with a minimum income.

10- Life on the street
If you like a street life then Spain is the perfect country. Of course the temperatures help a lot, but the mentality of the people of Spain is also important. It is very normal to meet up with friends on the street and to go for a drink with tapas on a terrace. After lunch, you can still see a “paseo” or walk for digestion, and preferably in a group setting. In addition to daytime life, everything really comes to life after about 7 p.m. after which the shopping malls and shopping streets fill up, supermarkets are littered with people, terraces are chock-full and it is still a pleasant place on the street until long after dinner (or rather outside the door).

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Meet us in person

FAIRS 2018
Belgium: Ghent 3 February to 5 February 2018

Belgium: Antwerp 28 April to 29 April 2018

The Netherlands: Maastricht 27 January to 28 January 2018

The Netherlands: Utrecht 9 March to 11 March 2018

The Netherlands: Utrecht 28 October to 30 October 2018

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Award winning company 2017

Highlight of Droomhuisspanje in 2017. Award winning company 2017. /
can also be found at place in the sun.
dream house wins prize in 2017 and 2018 for best broker in Spain

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Christmas offer !!

Beautiful offer !!!!

Penthouse with sea view and within walking distance of all facilities that make a stay in San Pedro pleasant.

Newly built penthouse with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

144,000 €

Droomhuis offers free viewing flights.
Take a look at our website and read the experiences of our customers.
penthouse for sale with sea view

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Spain is officially the healthiest country in Europe to live in part 1

Because Spain is officially the healthiest country in Europe to live.

Spain is still the healthiest place in Europe to live, and even the world, according to the Lancet medical journal, with an average of 70.9 years of healthy living and a life expectancy of 81.4 years.
Although Spain can not form a government, it is still “the healthiest country in the world”, according to “The Medical Journal”.

Belgians and Dutch invest the most in Spain
Many real estate investors and savers looking for more and better returns did it for you and they had good reasons for this: Cashing, … and then enjoy!

1. Spain has an ideal investment climate due to the crisis in which it is situated:
The financial crisis has gnawed at the Spanish real estate prices and yet the rents have managed to keep up to this day.
This provides a favorable investment climate for investors from abroad. They get a nice return every month, paying less for their real estate than before, and the Spanish real estate market is recovering well!

2. Many investors including a lot of Belgians and Dutch already preceded you:
Foreign investors accounted for approximately 21% of all Spanish property transactions in 2017.
The Belgian and Dutch investors invested the most in proportion to the population. You do not have to be surprised because Belgians and Dutch people usually have a well-stocked piggy bank and real estate prices in Spain are considerably lower than in our country and on top of that you get the Spanish sun for free.

3. Attractive Spanish culture and lots of sun:
Spain is a country with diverse cultures, eating habits and languages. The quiet fishing villages in Galicia stand in stark contrast to the lively nightlife in the capital Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Murcia and many other major cities in Spain.
This makes Spain an attractive place for tourists, … so also for investors! Especially in the Costa Calida where the only real micro-climate prevails. Making this region the healthiest living environment in Spain.

4. Advantages when purchasing and reselling Spanish real estate:
Real estate in Spain is considerably cheaper in certain areas than in Belgium.
Because of the “double tax treaty”, which exists between Spain and Belgium, only the country where the property is located can collect the taxes. The Spanish tax is much lower than the Belgian tax.
The Spanish government is also authorized to tax your added value. The good news is that the amount of added value is less than half in Belgium!
The costs relating to the property are also tax deductible in Spain for companies.

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Spain is officially the healthiest country in Europe to live in part 2

Why is Spain the healthiest country in Europe to live?

According to recent research, Spain is the healthiest country in Europe to live, and even one of the healthiest countries in the world. The Lancet medical journal has collected data for 20 years showing this. The average life expectancy in Spain is the highest in all countries in Europe, namely 81.4 years. A Spaniard also lives on average longer in good health, namely 70.9 years. How come? Why is Spain such a good country to live for health? I can think of a few reasons.

The Mediterranean diet:
At first I am firmly convinced that what you eat largely determines your health. In Spain people have much healthier eating habits than in the UK. The so-called Mediterranean diet is not a diet, but a lifestyle. A lot more fresh fruit and vegetables are used, but also olive oil, (fatty) fish, pulses (lentils, chickpeas), nuts … This means fewer saturated fats, less red meat and fewer preservatives. In short, more foods that promote health and fewer foods that can cause illness.
Sangria Spain is the healthiest living environment in europe to live in with the costa calida as the best environment

The climate
It is a fact that the climate has a big influence on your state of mind. It is not for nothing that the percentage of depressions in countries with a lot of cloud is above average. I myself am also strongly influenced by the weather. When I lived in the Netherlands, I was less comfortable in my skin, without demonstrable reasons. Since I live in Spain, the costa Calida, I hardly suffer from health problems or ailments. The sun on your head just makes you feel completely happy right away. And if you feel mentally good, then you also feel better physically. Of course, the vitamin D that you make by the sun is also very important for healthy bones, which particularly benefit the older people.
beach, sun, spain, murcia, costa blanca, costa calida

Health care in Spain:
Just a word about health care in Spain. I find this very well arranged. To begin with, you do not have to take out expensive insurance here. Public healthcare is freely accessible to everyone and that is a relief for your wallet. I have only good experiences with the health care here. The staff in the healthcare sector is generally very professional and involved.

Less stress and more enjoy:
It is well known that stress is bad for health. And what is a good remedy for stress? Just, enjoy the little moments, occasionally stop for a moment, not just running through life. The Spaniards are very good at this. On a normal working day you can of course stress a lot to finish all your work on time. But you can also stop and breathe. First have a nice cup of coffee in a bar before you get into the office. And at noon no quick sandwich at the computer, but just the pause button and take the time for a nice long lunch. With a glass of wine? Why not. The Spaniards can enjoy as the best and live day by day. There is nothing wrong with making plans for the future, but what matters is today!
typical spain with the good guidance of dream home and you have the ideal mix to buy a house

These are therefore, for me, a number of reasons why Spain is such a healthy country to live!

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Are you finally going to make your dream come true to buy a second home in Spain? A second home in Spain can be a smart investment, especially now that interest rates on bank savings are low and the prices of homes in Spain are attractive.

Imagine: you wake up in the morning in your apartment, villa or bungalow on the Spanish Costa Calida or Costa Blanca. The sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm. You have the freedom to organize your day yourself and only have to walk a short distance before you are at the sea, to take a walk along the beach, to drink a cup of coffee on the boulevard or to enjoy a meal. from the Spanish kitchen in one of the many restaurants.

Living in your money
Buying a second home in Spain on the coast is for many a dream, but also quite an exciting step. After all, there are so many things you can do with your savings: not only investing, but also investing or putting the money on a savings account, for example. A quick calculation, however, shows that saving is not very lucrative at the moment.

Low interest on savings
The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf recently published an article in which savings expert Amanda Bulthuis writes that savers in 2016 also do not have to count on higher interest rates on their savings. With large banks such as ING, Rabobank and ABN Amro, you currently only receive 0.7% interest on the money that is on your savings account. And the highest savings rates will probably fall below 1 percent in 2018.

Second home in Spain: Interesting investment
The alternative, in a sunny climate with your whole family enjoying your money by investing in a (holiday) home in Spain, is a lot more attractive. The prices of homes in Spain are currently low in a recovering housing market. That makes buying a house in Spain an interesting investment under the sun.

Invest and enjoy
In addition, asset manager Schroders has highlighted Spain as a country where the economy will continue to grow significantly in 2018, by as much as 4 percent. Your investment will certainly keep its value or increase in value. With the purchase of a second home in Spain you can enjoy a double: not only of living in a sunny climate, but also of your savings!

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The interest on savings deposits in the Netherlands fell below 1 percent in early 2018. With the major banks, the highest savings rates will also fall below this percentage in 2018. Inflation according to the consumer price index (CPI) amounted to 0.6 percent in January. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) expects an average inflation rate of 1.2 percent per year for the next five years. Add to that the wealth tax and the conclusion is quickly made that in most cases the holding of savings on the bank costs money, and that the assets slowly decrease in value. In 2017/18 we are dealing with historically low returns. After five years of taxation and inflation, the saver has become five percent poorer. Financial economist Auke Plantinga of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) expects savings rates to fall further in the coming years.

So saving does not pay off, but what does it mean?

Investing and the associated risk is not suitable for everyone. Being active at the exchange requires both knowledge and courage. Moreover, as an investor you have to have the time and you should be able to miss the money longer. An additional negative factor for Belgians is that the so-called speculation tax is effective from 1 January 2017. Individuals who pay personal tax in Belgium have to pay 33% tax on the achieved price gain. Investing in stones can be a great alternative. Banks in the Netherlands expect the value of real estate to rise. Not much, but the return will most likely be higher than what other asset classes generate. Real estate also maintains its value at high inflation.

Investing in real estate in Spain

Those who do not want to waste their money on a savings account would do well to summarize the advantages of purchasing real estate in Spain. The prices of homes in South-East Spain are currently low. The real estate crisis hit hard in Andalusia and especially on the Costa Calida. This has meant that the value of houses and apartments has fallen significantly in recent years. Buyers can benefit from this. At the moment we are facing a recovering market in South-East Spain. Gradually the value of real estate and thus also the price increases.

Buy now

You want to buy a house in Spain? The best entry moment has arrived. Waiting for longer gives the risk of price increases. At new construction projects on the Costa Calida we see the prices of apartments rise each month. Costs a new apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the Mar Menor, in the area of ​​Costa Blanca South / Costa Calida North, three months ago still € 134,000, meanwhile the purchase price of the same apartments in the new stages increased to € 154,000. Spain is on the rise of economic growth. This means that investing in real estate in Spain can be a sensible choice. The best thing is the one who can pay the second home largely with his own money. Part of the assets can now be removed from the money-saving savings account.

A so-called cash buyer, the person who can settle the house in cash in its entirety, has the additional advantage that it can be paid a little extra on the purchase price. After all, the seller will be pleased with an accelerated purchase procedure without a mortgage application. The value of the second home is taxed in box 3 of the Dutch tax system. The advantage of taking out a partial mortgage is that the loan is deducted from the value. Spanish banks generally provide a mortgage of 70 percent of the appraised value of the property.

Living and renting on the Costa Calida

Who is not dreaming of a house under the sun now? The Costa Calida, literally the hot coast, has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters and averages 345 sunny days per year. This coast is not only popular because of the healthy climate, but also because of the pleasant Spanish atmosphere, the decadent port of Cartagena, the cultural city of Aquilas, the many impressive Jack Nicklaus golf courses, the clean wide beaches and the many restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment . The Costa Calida is also a great base for the hinterland of Murcia, with famous cultural cities such as Jumilla (the wine region), Lorca and Totana, the beautiful nature of the Murcia region is the most diverse compared to the other regions. The good infrastructure encompasses modern and well-maintained motorways, a railway network and bus connections. The airport of Alicante & Murcia offers a connection with almost all major airports in Europe.

This choice of positive sides makes an investment in a home on the Costa Calida a smart move. The rental income is above average and the chance of letting is large, even in winter. Because the Costa Calida has the warmest winters of Spain.